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About Egypt Today cc

Egypt Today, now in its 15th year, is an exclusive tour operator specializing in group, individual and incentive travel to Egypt and other destinations in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, developed from a background of more than 50 years travel in the Middle East and Europe with more than 20 years conducting tours in Egypt.

Since the company was formed in 2003 some regular tour destinations have been included - India, Russia, Morocco, Turkey and Jordan. Tours and extensions are available to other destinations – all at competitive prices.

Each project is created, arranged and processed according to the individual requirements of every client, whether it’s a group, incentive, business or an individual tour. General tours as well as historic, cultural, religious, desert safari and other specialised interest tours are arranged.


Excellent and personalised service is our priority, and to maintain and increase our reputation we ensure we have access at all times to the best hotels, Nile cruisers, guides and services - everything that is best to make your travelling to Egypt and other destinations a resounding success and a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Arrangements in Egypt are handled by our skilled specialist agent, a front runner in the field of international travel with branches in all the main cities in Egypt, and a wide infrastructure to cater for all needs. We are also aided by top agents in other countries offering services and facilities compatible with our standards and our client’s expectations and needs.

We are also supported by national carriers South African Airways, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airways, Emirates and British Airways with their high international standards of air travel to, from and within Egypt as well as national and regular airlines for other destinations.

We are proud to publish on this website a selection of the many testimonials we receive from our hundreds of clients. Many clients return to us and have travelled regularly with Egypt Today, some up to eight times and more.

What people say:

Group tour at the Step Pyramid, Saqqara

India Discovery tour - November 2011
We had the most wonderful holiday. The itinerary that you planned was absolutely spot on with all the major sights covered and the right amount of time in each place.  In the event we used the final Sunday in Cairo to go back to the Cairo museum as there is so much to observe there. Your choice of hotels was exceptional and the boat cruise with A & K was most memorable.  We will definitely recommend you to others and thank you very much for your assistance.
Gareth Penny, London

Our minds and cameras are still reeling from how much we covered and, hopefully, absorbed during this adventure.
Your organization and the Teams on the ground in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan were excellent. We were looked after from start to finish and can only imagine the mess we would have got into without their care and local knowledge.
Tony & Heather Devlin, Daar es Salaam

We want to thank you for the most magnificent tour, holiday, and visits to the 'Splendours of Egypt'. Every day was marvellous and filled with exciting new sights, knowledge and stories. The visits to the temples, tombs and interesting places were wonderful. It was really nice staying in the luxury of the super hotels and being treated so royally ... your input all the time was always spot on and we do commend you with your easy going friendly patience with us all. The whole trip surpassed our every expectation.
Evritt Murray, Graaff Reinet, South Africa

I would like to tell you about the very good treatment and organisation we received here in Egypt by your travel agent Ahmed. He met us at the airport, rushed us through customs and immigration like VIPs and to the hotel. We travelled a lot in our life but such a handling we haven't experienced before. Also the organisation during the tour until now is excellent and very professional and I'm sure it will also be for the last 4 days. This also refers to Dr Ezz who makes a very good job and tries to explain the sites in a way that even non-experts, as we are, can follow him.
Jutta & Michael Doelves, Frankfurt, Germany

Alas, the holiday has come to an end and school and work start tomorrow, but Paul and I shall still live in the memories of Egypt.

Thank you so much for the most wonderful tour – I enjoyed every aspect of it and certainly shall never forget it. It was so much more than I expected, even just from the point of view of being in a group tour. I was apprehensive about being in a group, never having travelled in one before, but I found it to be a very positive experience.

Egypt was also so much more than I expected – in itself, as a country, it was mind-blowing. Every day I felt like I was being faced with new challenges and new sights, let alone seeing antiquities beyond my imagination. Thank you, though, for the tour being so well organized, as everything ran so smoothly that I was just able to enjoy myself without having to worry about the every day hassles of luggage or travel. I really felt well looked after and safe all the time and was able to enjoy being in the company of such friendly people.

Ezz and Ahmed were an absolute delight to work with and Ezz certainly made the ancient sights of Egypt come alive for me and Paul. It really was a great learning experience, as well as a holiday. My favourite experiences certainly include Karnak, Abu Simbel and then, of course, the Nile cruise.

I truly felt that I have only scratched the surface of ancient Egypt, however, and I still have names and dates scurrying around my brain as I look at my photographs. Certainly, another trip is well worth it and I shall work towards doing so. If I do so, I shall make sure it is with you and your company. In fact, my son Richard is hoping to come on the Bishops Egypt Tour in two years’ time when he is in Grade 6, so let’s hope it’s still going by then.

Paul joins me in sending our best wishes to you and a BIG THANKS!
Nella Freund, Cape Town, South Africa

The tour was one of the most enjoyable, memorable and awesomely interesting and fascinating foreign tours we have been on for a long time.

The tour organization and quality of service provided was highly commendable and that of our tour leader Maged Emil exemplary. Maged was always pleasant and charming and he went out of his way to contact us at each of our destinations to ensure that all was well and to our satisfaction. We are pleased to say that everything always was and the days passed by flawlessly (obviously with a great deal of attention by him as well behind the scenes).

The guide we had for Cairo and surrounds, Ossama Sayed, was a very knowledgeable and interesting person who motivated and stimulated our interest at every site or scene we visited. His openness to discuss any aspect of life in Egypt and his patriotism was most refreshing and informative at all times. We were never bored for a moment nor were we ever flooded with an overburden of information.

The cruise down the Nile stopping off at the historical sites and temples, seeing the way of life, villages, farms, etc., was absolutely fascinating. It was also enjoyably relaxing and sociable being with and meeting such a cosmopolitan group of people.

. . . Hurghada was superb and the Sofitel Resort Hotel and amenities excellent. Our short stay there was the most enjoyable and laid-back break possible just after midway through our tour.

Sharm-el-Sheik/St. Catherine’s Monastery – Sinai/Cairo was magnificent. Stark scenery, the birth of religion sites, passing through a real oasis are indelibly imprinted in our minds never to be forgotten for their awesomely different beauty.
We enjoyed Alexandria as it had a special character of its own, a blend of old and new, Egyptian and European Mediterranean, to which we were quite drawn.
All in all it was a most memorable, fascinating, interesting, and thoroughly enjoyable tour as Egypt just has so much to offer.

Once again thank you for all your efforts . . . for the tour organization and rare quality of service we received. Such professional service is rare in this day and age and we would not fail to highly recommend Egypt, Egypt Today CC and your Egyptian agent to all.
Len & Yvonne Bebb, Fish Hoek, Cape Town
, South Africa

Just back from your Easter in Egypt after a fabulous time which we will heartily recommend to our friends.
The organisation of your Egyptian agent was superb, while always caring, and the tour guides - particularly Dr. Ezz - knowledgeable and friendly, always looking for ways to make us at ease.
The Nile cruise is a highlight - I had no idea there were so many large vessels plying this trade. We took the extra trip to Abu Simbel - what a sight to come upon at 6.30 AM!
All in all, a wonderful trip - thank you for accommodating us.
Dr. Julian Lloyd, Montagu, South Africa

"My main purpose in writing to you is to express our heartfelt thanks for all your efforts in making our 16 days in Egypt what will certainly be one of the most memorable cameos of our lives ... I kept admiring the manner in which you were able to organise a group of 30 persons so successfully on such a comprehensive trip. . ... you succeeded in achieving everything you set out to provide us with - and more! It was the excellent itinerary which attracted me to the tour in the first instance,. I can assure you it fulfilled every expectation that I might have had and even more ... I wish you every success in continuing your endeavours to create more dreams for people in the future. Thank you so much for everything."
Dr. Azar Jammine, Johannesburg, South Africa

We returned back on Friday from an incredible experience in Egypt.  Thank you very much for the professional service that we received from you and your company.  We are so impressed and will not hesitate to recommend Egypt Today.   We also received absolutely fantastic service from your agent in Egypt.  The representatives (Magdi - Cairo) and our guides (Sameh - Sharm el Sheikh, Sherien - Cairo and Mahmoud - Nile Cruise) were so professional, friendly and sincere.  Our experience because of them far exceeded our expectations. We also had wonderful accomodation and meals.  Once again thank you.  
Zeyn & Tasnim Osman, Mafikeng, South Africa

I'm a traveller - not a tourist. Many years as a diplomat taught me not to visit foreign places but to live in them. I always stay in apartments - never in hotels and have found that preparing my own travel plan with the assistance of my trusted Lonely planet guides makes for wonderful holidays. A diplomatic visit to Egypt some 20 years ago left me with the desire to go back and the awareness that Egypt is too overwhelming to do on my own. Thus the decision to go as part of a group.    What was my expectation? I was "prepared" to put up with what I was sure would be "canned" tourism to not have to handle the logistics of getting tickets, taxis, accommodation, etc.  
Well I got so much more than I could ever have expected in your tour guide. To call him a "guide" does not begin to describe the dignity and knowledge with which he introduced us to Egypt. And your representative went the extra mile to make our holiday special. In our minds Egypt will forever be synonymous with Joseph and Ahmed who made us feel like honoured guests in their world.  
Thank you for making this possible and know that this won't be our last visit.

Mari Kleynhans, Walvis Bay, Namibia

We had a fantastic holiday. I am so glad that I chose your tour, as it was everything I wanted and even more.
From the moment we arrived at an extremely hot Abu Simbel, we were treated like royalty. I could not believe how we were fetched and carried the entire tour, in private vehicles, with our own private guide! Even
the hiccup of the lost luggage was taken care off by Essam in Aswan who did not rest until we had it.
Our stay in Abu Simbel was the highlight of the tour for me, and I am so glad that you were able to arrange it at the last moment. I would have missed out on a most astoundingly beautiful place and experience I will now have forever.
The hotel accommodation was superb, and only have praise for all. The Nile cruise was also really enjoyable and much better than expected. I did not expect such luxury ... the crew and staff on board were all very friendly and polite, we actually enjoyed tipping at the end.
I would like to commend most highly the tour guide we had while in Aswan and on the cruise. We were very sad to say goodbye to Mahmoud Ali Mohammed. He was so patient, knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble for him. He had a great sense of humor and was an absolute pleasure to have around. I must say I was not envious of the other tour groups all shoving and pushing to get to hear what their guide was saying. Here my husband and I had the guide’s full attention, and we could question him at anytime or interrupt him at any time. His time was all ours. We were truly spoilt!
In hindsight, I suppose one could always say that one should rather have spent a little more time here and a little less there, but these are personal choices, and I think on the whole the tour was perfect.
I would recommend it to anyone wishing to see Egypt as I think we had a most wonderful holiday and have no regrets whatsoever. Egypt is an unbelievable country and an experience of a lifetime.
Thank you so much for making it what it was.
Renate & Marius Parodi, Veereniging, South Africa

Thank you for what was an incredible, if not life-changing experience in Egypt - I am so thrilled that I was part of your group and that we were able one and all to have a fantastic time together.
Ralph Pond, Cape Town, South Africa

I can’t remember ever going on a trip which was so comprehensive and well organised. AS a family we enjoyed it from beginning to end and although there were times we wanted the information to stop coming we ended up almost reading the inscriptions. Both our guides – Shereen and Mahmoud were very well educated and available at all times, especially Mahmoud being on the cruise with us. We had been told prior to going we would be disgusted with the smells and filth of both the airline and Egypt ( Cairo ) but this couldn’t have been further from the truth!!! So i intend setting a couple of people straight as misinformation like this can harm a reputation and business prospects.
I’m sure you have heard all this before so please accept that i thought it was a wonderful holiday, very good value for money and i would recommend it to all and sundry.
Anyway we brought back about 8 gigs of photos and an additional 2 bags of everything from perfumes, Galabayas, t-shirts, caps, jewellery, alabaster and papyrus scrolls so have more of Egypt in our home than the Egyptians.
Once again it really was great and please accept our thanks for all your input and organisation.

Michael Hay, St Francis Bay, South Africa

Congrats on a job well done in putting our Egypt tour together. Arranging personalised transfers from Cairo to Aswan, where we met our guide Peter, who accompanied us through our complete Nile cruise and other excursions (Hot Air ballooning over the Nile). The TiYi Nile cruise ship, was luxurious, the menus were interesting and five star quality, the top deck with swimming pool and sun beds (towels were provided), were unforgettable.  The Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor is a MUST, ever changing views and scenery is priceless.  Peter accompanied us to numerous excursions, and his knowledge and passion for this country and its history, was contagious.  He provided useful advice about negotiating the best price, and how the tipping etiquette works.  Peter made all this painless, by managing all the tipping for us.   Thanks to you Keith and Peter, the guy who helped us with our luggage and custom arrangements on our outbound flight, this whole trip was trouble free and complete bliss!!  Highly, highly recommended and absolutely fantastic. 
Anton & Ansie Wessels, Welgelegen, Cape Province, South Africa
We are back from a wonderful time in Egypt.
I want to congratulate you on your organisation and the team that took care of us. Everything, up to the smallest detail, was perfect. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and passionate about their country and their subject. Our drivers knew the roads, they drove very carefully and got us where we had to be, on time, despite the most horrendous traffic that I have ever experienced. The vehicles were in excellent condition and always clean. Our tour leader was very helpful and made getting booked in or out hotels, on or off aircraft or whatever administrative procedure necessary, completely painless. Your program planning was tailored to suit our needs perfectly: Not too much, not too little! Thank you for making this tour such a wonderful success! Regards
Dr Andrè Marais, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa

Just a few words to say "Shukran" for an absolutely magical trip. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who wants to travel to that fabulous part of the world, and will gladly act as a 'reference' if anyone ever wants one. Our local guide, Sherif, was outstanding and again I would recommend his services without hesitation!
I took almost 3000 photos, and will have lots of fun sorting through them. If there are any particularly good ones I'll forward them to you...  As a matter of interest - do you do trips to any other parts of the world?? Please let us know for future reference... you've certainly set the bar high!!  
(1) George and Wendy Minter, Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
From the very start in February when we looked at various tours on the internet, the news papers etc, we decided to look at three. Our daughter Lyndal advised us rather to pay the extra money and take a proper tour. She looked at the various options and said that your one looked the best value for money and covered a large portion of the sights we should see. (This was an under-statement).
So, we went ahead and contacted you. And I must say that was the best decision we could have made. Your service and feedback was always prompt and informative. Congratulations on the most fantastic tour I think we will ever make.
We received nothing but the very best as far as hotels go, the sights were absolutely amazing and a total information over load, the drivers were always willing and pleasant and just everything and everyone was fantastic.
As for Sherif there are no words to describe what a terrific guide he was. Nothing was ever too much trouble (even when nature called in the middle of the Nubian desert) much to my distress and embarrassment. He was always full of smiles, willing to please, went way beyond the call of duty, gave way too much information for our poor brains to digest and was really fun to be with. He is an absolutely fantastic person and should be treasured as Nub .We will all miss him.  A big thank you too, to Magdi for his kindness and care.
Once again, a huge thank you to yourself, Sherif, Magdi and everyone else who had anything to do with making our trip truly memorable and awesome!!!!. Well done, you all deserve a Nub medal.
You are all the very best!!!!!!
Shukran, shukran, shukran
(2) Wendy & George Minter, Roodeport, South Africa
 We had the most fabulous time and I must say it was one of the best holidays we have had.
The organisation by your Egyptian agent was unbelievable. Their attention to detail, professionalism, politeness and kindness was far above expectation. The 2 hotels (Mena House and Sonesta St George) were wonderful choices on your part. I have never seen such a well maintained hotel as the Mena House. We absolutely loved our stay there. The Sonesta in Luxor was also fabulous and the decor fulfilled my fascination for such things! It is also very well situated and well-appointed. The Boats (Luxor to Aswan we were on the Semiramis 2, which was very comfortable, with very good staff, meals and fortunately not too formal. Our private guide, Mahmoud, was very good, and we loved the trip down the Nile, and stayed permanently on deck during sailing, so as not to miss a thing! The Prince Abbas on the Lake was more glamorous, but we liked the old-world look with all the varnished wood, etc, and also because we were given a suite on arrival instead of a normal cabin. Our time on the lake was wonderful and relaxing, and the sites along the way most enjoyable because of the remoteness and lack of crowds. Our guide on this boat was also very good). All the transfers were perfect and on time, and the service of booking us in at the airports and hotels was unexpected but VERY appreciated, as it led to a very stress-free vacation. Everyone there asked if we knew "Keith" and spoke so highly of you and of your wonderful character, so we hope to meet you one day.

We cannot thank you enough for all your arrangements and kindness, and certainly hope to work through you again.   This mail is just to say THANKS for such a wonderful holiday. We really needed it.
Charles Mathews & Philip Du Plessis, Windhoek, Namibia

Received the wallet, visa tickets – thank you
I have one major problem - !!!!!!!!!!!   How am I going to be patient enough to wait for the trip to begin – After holding  onto the tickets and the reading the fantastic schedule (paper schedule seems more real to me than the internet one – I guess I am old fashioned) I am so excited to go –   Thanks for putting this together – I know the immense work you have put into all the arrangements and logistics. We planned our own European tour and we spent days / hours logistically trying to tie everything up. Really appreciate it. I know it is your job – but you are the first tour operator that I have met that has been so professional and organized and responsive to all my queries. Thank you. 
Andrew Lake, Durban, South Africa

Real value for money!!! Much more than we expected. We were particularly impressed with Mocktar, our guide, who showed above average knowledge, efficiency, attentiveness and warmth without being overpowering. This enabled us to fully appreciate the wonders that Egypt has to offer. We came back truly satisfied.
Marta & Leon Behar, Cape Town, South Africa
Your happy tourists are back home. There is no doubt that, regardless of how many years and decades you've admired the colour photos in books and magazines, seeing it with your eyes is most enjoyable! From Alexandra to Abu Simbel …  definitely made the right decision to travel now, before the millions of US and other western tourists come back.  It made walking around the Egyptian Museum in Cairo so much more pleasant when it is not as crammed with crowds as a bus or train in traffic-jam hours. And elsewhere the crowds were also thinned out, so we did not have to wait long each time our guide took us from spot to spot around Luxor and Karnak, etc.
     Now, The Economist is too expensive for me to afford except once a year when I must wait at airports. And by a happy 53:1 coincidence, what should be in The Economist I buy at the airport but an article on the Cafe Riche in Cairo, famous ever since its founding in 1908 as the place where Egypt's intellectuals gather for coffee and conspiracies. When I showed this article to the company rep & our guide in Cairo, they had heard of this famous cafe & were most amused. Naturally a retired political scientist must visit such a cafe!
I may be poor, but at least I visited the Cafe Riche. The Economist featured a waiter who had worked since 1943 at the Cape Riche. Even if he started work aged twelve, he must now be eighty. I got the venerable waiter to autograph my copy of The Economist.  On the way back, we drove past the historic Tahrir Square, now devoid of soldiers and police, but with a few tents of those continuing the sit-in.
      One highlight of the trip was the modern Nubian Museum. It is beautifully set out with exhibition posters high up on the walls that you can read over people's heads.  This is better than the old Egyptian Museum in Cairo of Boer war vintage where you cannot read the captions due to the crowds of tourists standing in front of every exhibit. It needs two hours  to take in and enjoy all its exhibits.
    And of course we were safe as houses, with the Tourism Police visible under numerous shade awnings …  Keith Gottschalk & Bernadette, Cape Town, South Africa - January 2012
This trip was outstanding value for money! We saw such a lot and got such a wonderful overview of the country with the three legs to the tour – the river  the desert and Cairo. The transfers and handling were all impeccable and we thoroughly appreciated not having to worry about anything. Ideal for elderly group! The food was great and so was the accommodation. In fact it would be difficult to improve on this trip. The guides were outstanding!
         A comment: please warn winter travellers that the days are cool – we all took too few warm clothes. You did warn about the cool nights in the desert but it went down to about 5 degrees and our daytime attire could have done with further warm clothing. I am sure that this is only applicable December and January.  
. . . The guides were all so excellent we all gave more than you suggested and they were extremely grateful for that.
Dr Judy Maguire, Prince Albert, South Africa - February 2012
The three-leg itinerary was brilliant. I thought the combination of Nile cruise + Desert leg + Cairo visit worked so very well, and provided a most interesting and enjoyable contrast across the three phases of the tour. And I thought the sequence was exactly right. I don't think we would have been ready to tackle Cairo upfront - nor would we have been ready for the desert either. Starting with the Nile cruise was spot-on. It gave us time to find our feet, get some sense of the Egyptian context before hitting the desert, and then winding up with Cairo. Full marks on that, really.
       The three guides likewise - Hany, Achmed, Sherien. They were outstanding, in every respect. Their level of knowledge - particularly Sherien. Their passion for their subject. Their flexibility and preparedness to adapt / tailor themselves to our interests. The extra mile they went. Their sense of humour, and their sense of fun - yet seriousness about connecting us with everything they were showing us. What thoroughly delightful and impressive individuals (they seemed to take a liking to us as well !) The desert lunches (in the villages) in particular were a highlight for me (and I think perhaps for one or two of the others as well). Achmed understood very quickly that we wanted to see and experience 'the real thing' vs. a cosmetised tourist version. And that's what we got. Complete - in the one instance - with two policeman with their ears glued to a portable radio (listening to the by-election results coming in) on a table that was set so skew in the sand that it was a point of fascination for all of us to watch whether their full coffee-cups were going to accommodate the oblique angle of tilt ... or spill the contents right into their unsuspecting laps! 
        No fancy or polite tablecloths or other accessories, just the 'food of the inn' on the table ... eat and enjoy. That was so nice. The fact that you seem to prefer to work with small groups. I am a small-group person in any case. But I noticed that one or two of the others commented on how well it worked with a smaller group - more cohesive, more allowing of creative and serendipitous travelling and sight-seeing. A general sense of flexibility. Things were being continually tweaked and re-jigged - not at all in the sense of being a shambles and disorganised, but in the sense of working in the moment with the needs arising, as well as with the real-world contingencies that need to be handled on such trips. Also a sense of flexibility in including such things as the excursion to Abu Simbel, and taking in the Son et Lumiere at Luxor Temple. I thought all the transport (buses) were excellent: comfortable in the seating, in the interpersonal space, and in the temperature control / ventilation.
       I was also very happy with all of the drivers. One or two of the others seemed to think that one of the drivers was a bit of a cowboy. But I didn't have a problem at all - I tend to be a bit of a cowboy myself behind the wheel so was in sync with him all the way!!  What the heck - it's part of the experience. We're not aunties on a sedate Sunday afternoon drive?!  I certainly didn't think he was reckless. I found all the hotels well-chosen and very comfortable. And the staff in them, almost without exception, were helpful and friendly and welcoming. They were also prepared to talk and joke. (I think they were fairly taken by this 60+ bunch of 7 females who looked old enough to be their mothers, even grandmothers, but behaved  like tearaway delinquents, and asked questions that would not have shamed university professors !)
        I thought the mountain-top hotel in Dakhla was utterly stunning in its location. That was really something special. The food in all the hotels was great. And, as noted above, the food at lunch locations was always different, interesting and delicious. And the food prepared by Achmet and the Bedouin guides for lunch and supper on the camping day was really tasty, and very interesting.
All your preparatory information for the trip was great, and really helped to plug us in . . .
And thanks again for a great tour - really.

Penny Alder, Prince Albert, South Africa. February 2012

We are nearly packed and ready to board the plane.
We shall contact you on our return.
Thanks so much for all your assistance and sterling service.
I have been recommending Egypt Today to everybody who has enquired about the trip.
Pamela Nell Hartog, Cape Town. February 2012
Everything was fantastic!  We could not ask for more. We were provided with sterling service wherever we went ... it was an unforgettable holiday.  We enjoyed this holiday more than our first holiday to Egypt.
This time round we were more experienced and prepared.  The information you provided us with prior to our trip was invaluable.
We’ll have no hesitation in recommending Egypt Today for an unforgettable trip to Egypt!.
Pamela Nell Hartog, Cape Town. April 2012


This was by far the BEST family holiday we have ever had and we travel abroad often. The hotel staff especially at Sonesta were amazing. I have NEVER experienced anything like that before. The cruise was most enjoyable ,once again , excellent service. The food overall… yummy!!!
... The guides , wow..!! They sheltered us from the  constant hustling and not once did we feel unsafe. Both Sharif and Adel  were off the charts – brilliant!
There was also no sign of ANY  political dangers…bad media!
We had a blast!
Thank you Keith for an unforgettable holiday.
Tanya van Greuning, Johannesburg, January 2013
The service received from your agents in Egypt was way beyond my expectations.  Everyone went out of their way to make us feel safe and cared for.  ... The guides Sherien and Omar particularly stand out in my mind as being fantastic and the driver in Cairo and Alexandria, Mohammed was also great. At no stage were we made to feel uncomfortable in any way (even when requesting to shop!). 
Have already recommended your company and your Egyptian agent/guides to my daughter who organises a lot of trips for her company.
Marianne Nolting, Johannesburg, January 2013
My greatest thanks and appreciation for all of your efforts and sharing of knowledge during this breath-taking adventure.   It was splendid, most memorable and an experience to cherish for a lifetime.
Egypt Today and your agent in Egypt exceeded our expectations in going the extra mile to make our journey and adventure in Egypt as comfortable, pleasant and comprehensive as possible at every opportunity. 
Thanks again for arranging this Egyptian Odyssey Tour !!
Bravo Keith !! 
Many Thanks
Harm Engelbrecht, Marianne Frouws & Joan Engelbrecht, Cape Town, April 2013

Thanks once again for an absolutely wonderful experience in Egypt AGAIN and the tour which varied from sites, to museums, to shopping to great lunches and dinners shared by all. One realised how nicely the group had gelled when we arrived at Luxor and instead of going our different ways, we met almost every night for dinner.
Sherif was a true gem – knowledgeable, professional yet friendly, caring and concerned at all times for our safety, wellbeing and happiness! I did not know there was another “Jo” out there! Karim was young but competent, kind, caring, professional and constantly looking out for us…even when we went in all directions at some temples!! Your Egyptian agent again pulled out all the stops with upgraded hotels, water each day, a big bus and comfort wherever we went.
Alison Feinhauer, Cape Town, April 2013
Naturally, with your organisation, there was not a single hiccup with the tour at all. This was our 3rd tour that you organised (Egypt, India and Morocco), and I would use Egypt Today any day with total confidence.
 Mohammed our guide was waiting for us at the airport, as was Mohammed our driver! We did the tour with 3 travellers from America, so were 7 passengers. A husband, wife and son of 25. Very nice travelling companions. We were in a 12-seater Fiat bus which was very comfortable, and then from Marakesh onwards in a 6-seater Mercedes combi (as the Americans' tour ended 5 days earlier than ours). 
The hotels all the way were perfect and all very well situated .…The bivouac overnight  in Merzouga at La Belle Etoile was extremely basic with shared facilities. It was an experience, I must admit, but definitely not for any traveller - although very popular. The food there was authentic Berber cuisine and extremely good. We did a camel ride in a bit of a sandstorm which was actually great fun although we were shedding sand for days afterwards! (or so it felt!). Our Hotel in Erfoud was the Xaluca was fabulous. True Kasbah-style with lavish rooms and wonderful dining. This desert part of the tour was really special for us, probably as it is a bit of home away from home. The trip to Ourzazate from here was spectacular with the visit to the Todra Gorge and then the trail along the Dades Valley of 1000 Kasbahs. 
We were grateful for your forwarded e-mail regarding the holiday festival (16th), as this allowed us to plan our Marrakesh part of the tour perfectly. The 15th was a free day when we did all our shopping in the Souqs. The 16th ended up as a quiet day around the pool and then later another (4th or 5th) visit to the Jemaa el Fna square which was slowly coming to life again. We consumed copious amounts of wonderful fresh orange juice whenever we were at the square, while sidestepping cobras, puff adders and Barbary apes - not to mention the hoards of people! The spiced tea at the tea and cake stalls on the square is a must for anyone with exotic tastebuds! Our guide Mohammed was very dependable, punctual, very kind and courteous, and sensed our desire for free time and time to do things ourselves (even on arranged visits) He was very accommodating of all our requests, stops for photo shoots, etc. and instilled a very casual, relaxed and above all, unrushed atmosphere to the tour. He was also our driver when we changed into the smaller vehicle, and was most accomplished. 
Keith, I really wish to thank you for all your good and precise organisation. These days when things move at such a pace and one tends to get caught up in the whirlwind of things, it is so refreshing to be able to go on a holiday and not have to worry about a single element. This you have accomplished with all our trips and I am really grateful for this. It allows one a really stress-free break.
Charles Mathews, Windhoek, Namibia. October 2013

The tour and itinerary was perfectly executed by very capable guides.

The representatives at the airports were so helpful and friendly - they immediately made us feel welcome.
We quickly got used to not understanding arabic (and Spanish, for that matter; most of the Nile Cruise passengers spoke Spanish), but easily adapted and enjoyed the new environment.
Cairo, Giza and our hotel was simply spectacular.
My mother had a nasty fall in the 2nd pyramid (we ended up going to the hospital to get her arm stitched up; also a good experience for me as pharmacist to see the Egyptian health care system first hand!) Our guide, Hassan (don't know his surname) was amazing and helped us out initially to clean the wound, he paid for the Betadine solution and dressing, him and the driver patiently drove us to the hospital, pharmacy and helped out all the way, explaining the situation and everything else we needed.
He also took us to the government shops for papyrus and perfumes; everything ending up in an insightful experience!
Hassan explained and chatted away above and beyond expectation and we had a great time with him.
The Egyptian Museum was also stunning, being in Tahrir Square (heavily guarded by the military). We quickly got used to guards at all check points and their machine guns...but never felt unsafe or afraid at all!
Our guide for the remainder of our trip was Khaled Alhowary.  He is such a good guy!  He took great care of us, suggesting optional extras for our benefit (a horse carriage ride through the streets of Luxor and a motor boat trip on the Nile to the Nubian village) and being so insightful and mindful of my mother's injury.
All the temples, the Sound and Light Show at Abu Simbel, the great hotels and glorious food and everything else I am forgetting to mention now has contributed to a really great time.
All in all, many thanks from each of us, I am sure you saw all the Facebook pictures (more to come!).
Be sure that I will suggest Egypt Today as far as I go!  
I hope that many tourists will make use of your highly competent team and also provide some relief to the guides (as I understand, work has been quite scarce since the revolutions). This has not hampered their enthusiasm and passion for Egyptology at all, though.  We felt sorry to eat and drink in front of the guides during their fasting as well, but they all made us feel at ease.
Once more...this has been a magical trip!
Pieter Strydom, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. July 2014

My sincere thanks for the awesome trip you organized for us to Egypt. From the moment we arrived at Cairo airport terminal to the time of our departure every single thing was handled in an extremely professional and friendly manner. One never felt lost, out of place or wanting for anything.

As we walked up the ramp from the plane there were our names written boldly on a board, held up high by our guide above others waiting to be identified by their arrivals? He guided us through the formalities of customs and immigration, loaded our luggage from the carousel and ushered us through the terminal to our mini taxi. What one reads on the net is utter rubbish. The terminal is spacious, clean and attractive. The ablution facilities are neat and well maintained. There are no porters hustling to grab your bags in expectance of a tip for moving them a few metres. This has all been cleaned up and is expected to remain this way.

Traffic, in what I consider to be in its own way, the beautiful city of Cairo, can only be explained as well organised chaos. There are very few traffic signs, yet the traffic flows well, with people being tolerant of others and showing no aggression. Something we still have to learn here in South Africa.

Mostafa, with his infectious laugh, pointed out the landmarks and points of interest of Cairo as we drove through the city on our way to the hotel. He also suggested shifting our itinerary to tour the museum that afternoon, which we felt was for the better as we were all a bit tired after the flight.

While in Cairo our guide was Sharif, a man of pure passion and zest for life. He is extremely knowledgeable, not only in Egyptology but in all spheres of life, with a personality that bubbles and flows in everything he says and does. He listened attentively to our conspiracy theories on how the pyramids were built and for what purpose. He even agreed on some of these theories being possible.

Our cruise from Luxor to Aswan was absolutely marvellous. The ship was extremely comfortable and pleasant to be on. The Staff were friendly, helpful and jovial. The meals they served where, in my opinion outstanding.  From the top deck, on which I spent many hours I could really appreciate how timeless this land is.

For this leg of the trip Wael was our guide. He is a tremendous character who soon accepted us as a crazy wacked out family where rigidity is not our style. The knowledge of the temples that he imparted on us was overwhelming. If I can but remember 5% of it I will consider myself learned. I could not have wished for a better man to guide us through this ancient land.    


It was unfortunate that Wael could not be with us on the last day when Sharif and Mostafa took us through old Cairo. This was surly a day to be remembered. When the tour was over we ate Koshary in one of the most reputable establishments known by the locals. . We drank coffee in a 200 year old coffee shop at Khan Al-Khalili. We smoked a shisha, laughed and joked together well after the sun had set. I can still hear that infectious laugh of Mostafa when Sharif jokingly mocked him about something. It was then sadly, time to be driven to the airport and bid farewell to our new found friends and a land as ancient as time its self. 

Thanks again Keith for putting this magical trip together for us.

Len, Cheryl & Barry Purdon, Bellair, Durban, South Africa.  May 2015


It has now been exactly one week that we have returned home. In one word, the trip was Impeccable! 

We were very well looked after by Hany in Cairo and George in Luxor. The tour guides also did an excellent job. The hotels in Cairo and Luxor were excellent, as was the Sonesta cruise. The accommodation in Abu Simbel was very basic but you had warned us about this. Nevertheless, we feel that spending the night in Abu Simbel is a must, as the benefits of the sound and light show far outweigh the costs.

In particular, we would like to thank you very much for organizing this superb trip for us. We would also like to mention that Abydos and Dendera are highlights and need to be marketed more aggressively. It's a real pity that most people will go to Egypt and not experience these two wonderful places. 


From our side, we will be in touch with you for Morocco and India, which we hope to visit in the foreseeable future.
Zunaid Juma & family, Gauteng, South Africa. May 2015

Finally home, and have had the most amazing trip... 

I'd like to thank you for the amazing trip you organized for Nikki and myself. Egypt was a once in a lifetime experience, and the tour you put together for us was remarkable. The tour guides were knowledgable and attentive, the drivers were soooo brave! No way I could EVER drive in Egypt! The hotels you chose were perfect! If I were to make any changes, I would have spent more time in Luxor (loved it the most) and a bit less time in Alexandria. Although it was a lovely city, we preferred the laid back peacefulness of Luxor. 

Thank you again. You have truly helped make some amazing memories!
Susan Hamlen, Toronto, Canada. July 2015

We loved our trip and I really mean it when I say we appreciate your organising it all. Egypt is amazing, everything went very smoothly apart from the blip in Alexandria when we did not have a cell number for Hassan. I cannot complain about anything, but if I go back (which is quite likely) I would do more of some things and less of others...

The guides/drivers were all great, Mustafa who met us at the airport was so cheerful. Hassan really knew his stuff ... Khalid in Luxor was so warm and friendly we felt right at home. 

Overall we were spoiled rotten - bags collected from the airport carousel, escorted everywhere, our every request met.

Nikki Edenborough, Cape Town. July 2015

An enjoyable experience, will highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to travel to Egypt.

Certainly one of the trips of a lifetime in getting to know and understand the history of ancient civilisation and marvel in their creation. 

Vishanth Singh, Pretoria. August 2015

I will  ... send a letter that you can please send on to all relevant parties. Suffice to say that we had an absolutely fantastic time, and would like to personally thank each and every person for making this one of the very best trips, [Egypt] not to even mention honeymoons, ever!
Werner Koen, Pretoria, South Africa. October 2015

I am back at work after a very memorable Egypt experience. Its an experience I will cherish all my life starting from your very efficient arrangement of the tour package to our ride back to the airport. ...I will always cherish the Egyptian tour – a very memorable experience. Being face to face with some of the things I read in my high school history will always be etched in my memory.  In all, it was an awesome experience and will recommend it any day to anyone.  The tour guides and local agents were very good.  The arrangements by Keith went smoothly without a glitch.  I did not rate the hotel in Cairo very good because they had very little vegan diet in their breakfast otherwise, the room was very good and service also very good.  Regarding the cruise, the cabin was very good – bigger than the cabin with balcony I had used on MSC cruise to the Portuguese island ... 

Although Keith had provided some indication about tips, I was not prepared for what we faced.  The expected amount of tips (even though they said it was not obligatory, was rather excessive.  I observed that some other tourists complained about the tips.  It was a very friendly atmosphere all around even in the public.  The media coverage about inadequate security in Egypt in my view is exaggerated in view of my experience in the places I visited. There were tourists everywhere in the places that I visited and all seemingly relaxed.  I did not at any time feel unsafe.  In fact, I felt safer in the streets of Egypt than in the streets of South Africa with regard to everyday crime.  Security at the airports in Cairo and Aswan in my view is as good as in other western countries I have visited.

Prof. Eric Udjo, Pretoria, South Africa.  November 2015

We had a wonderful time [in Egypt] and the service we received from all parties was first class.

Many thanks for all your assistance in this regard.

Simon Wright, Johannesburg, South Africa. December 2015

We are back safely and everything was perfectly planned and executed in Egypt. We were so happy with the warmth, welcome and hospitality there. The agent in Cairo was so helpful and guides as well. I would strongly recommend the tour to my friends. Thank you very much for the assistance.
Shiva Yegi, Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2016

I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with my guides in Egypt. 

Hassan went to a lot of trouble when my luggage did not arrive with me. 

Khaled took very well care of me and always went the extra mile. He made sure I was at the sites early in the morning so that I missed the crowds and could take good photos.  

I would recommend both of them to other tourists and I hope you can send them some more work. The people in the tourist industry are suffering a lot from the political situation and I would like to help Hassan and Khaled if my testimony would make a difference. 

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful tour with such competent and helpful guides.
Elmarie Visser, Windhoek, Namibia. January 2016

Many thanks for your help and never ending follow up.  Service of the like is a rarity.
Jurie Swart, Johannesburg, South Africa. October 2016

Thank you for an amazing holiday. We had an experience of a lifetime and it was totally worth it. The hotels were great, the food was delicious, the sights were awe inspiring, the people were friendly, and the whole experience was awesome. The Egyptian people are very friendly and generally had a great attitude. We especially loved Upper Egypt. Even the vendors are not so bad once you learn how things work. I found out that they appreciate it when you just glance at what they have to offer and be cheerful, even when repeatedly saying no thank you. One moment that made me laugh was a taxi driver in Luxor asked if we wanted a ride, I said the cursory “no thank you”, he replied with the usual “maybe tomorrow”, again “no thank you”, and "maybe next week”, “no thank you” and then an ever hopeful “maybe next year”…”yes, maybe next year”. I haven’t won the lottery yet, but you never know.
Sabine Baum, Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2016

Itinerary excellent.  Did everything we wanted to do and more... We didn't feel like we were rushed anywhere and both Hassan and Sherif were very helpful and went out of their way to do whatever we asked for.  Overall, this has been a very exciting and fulfilling trip for us.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and remember the guides with their extensive knowledge that they passed on to us in a very friendly and professional manner, for a long time.  We have been pleasantly surprised at the comprehensive, personalized service, and feel it should be emphasized more in the marketing of your services.  Congratulations on what we now consider to be excellent value for money.

Lynn Bolin & David Norris, Franschhoek, South Africa. March 2017


Our time in Egypt surpassed all our expectations. We had a fascinating few days with our friends visiting mainly Islamic museums and sites because they knew we had an exceptional tour to come.

All arrangements were amazing. Our driver in Cairo, Ibrahim, who also drove us for the last day was caring and one of the best drivers I have ever come across.

Hassan Youssef, our guide, also looked after us on the last day, an intelligent, challenging guide who went way beyond the call of guiding. We will correspond with him in future.

The local agent, also Ibrahim, met us at our friends, saw us off at the station to Luxor, and looked after us in Cairo until we flew, booking us in, carrying baggage, waiting for a very late train from Aswan. He was efficient in ways we only realised while flying back.

Our guide in Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel, Wael ....., and our driver, Hammide were likewise first class, Wael intellectual and likewise challenging. We will also be corresponding with him. Mohammed Ali and another Hammide were great agents who cared what they were doing.

Marvellous itinerary – learned so much! So glad we went to Abu Simbel. I could write a lot about this, but you know that what we saw was amazing.

A great luxurious cruise. Fine staff, again who went beyond the call of duty. Enjoyed the food and preferred beer to wine, but tasted local and foreign wines. We now love iced hibiscus tea. Not a fan of the coffee.

As you know, I am sure, Mary Anne was not well, and fell and cut her head open. The sympathetic and empathetic treatment we received deserves a whole book of gratitude. Hassan took us to a state hospital. Mary Anne was attended by two doctors, nurses, and put on a drip, and stitched. All in the middle of dealing with Cairo motor bike accidents, household accidents, and people in pain and on gurneys. It was efficient and everyone received similar concern and treatment. What an example of the best in public health.

I could go on, but must mention the several calls I had from Ahmed Ashaat, so caring, and offering flights to Luxor to alleviate our train journey. We loved the train, and the toilet facilities were clean and disinfected. We followed advice about eating and have returned recommending, and prepared to recommend, visitors to experience the same.

Thank you very much Keith. One of these days I will have to meet you.
"Bokkie" and Mary Anne Botha, Prince Albert, South Africa. April 2017

We had a wonderful tour to Egypt!

We encouraged our guides to show us as much as possible and from as early as practical every day and being only two persons we got VIP service. Everything ran smoothly and we did not encounter any problems or issues during the entire tour. Our guides were very competent and we got along with them very amicably. From our guide companions we learnt a lot about Egyptian culture both modern and ancient.

Egypt is a wonderful tour destination and I would recommend your tour program to anyone who wants to see and experience ancient Egypt.

Thank you for your travel arrangements and making our holiday to Egypt a memorable experience. 

Best regards - Jacques and Wilma Gregory, Vredenburg, South Africa. August 2017


Thank you so much for organising this remarkable experience.

Please convey my thanks to all involved as they all went out of their way to ensure that we had the best and most memorable experience possible.

A truly memorable “Egyptian Odyssey”.  Everybody went out of their way to make our trip an enjoyable and educational experience. Every aspect of the tour from the planning, to the execution, comprehensiveness of the tour itinerary and the magnificence of the sights was excellent.

The only possible negative aspect is that one did not get to experience more of Egypt outside of the tour exposure as the continuous harassment by the locals made it impossible to walk around and take in more of the local environment.  Highly recommended.  Keith du Preez, Cape Town, September 2017

The organisation was excellent on your part and that of the agents, guides, etc. in Egypt. I really cannot fault anything with regard to this aspect.

The tour is designed for those with a keen interest in Egyptology or perhaps those who would like to learn much more.  I am in the latter category.

I was able to climb up into the burial chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The charge was LE200 and we all felt this was something we had to do.

We were able to go into Tutankhamun’s tomb which although is not stunning compared to the others we saw (Ramesses IX is amazing) the sense of history and what was found there is mind blowing.  The mummy was in the tomb.  We saw the mask in the Egyptian museum and it is more beautiful and amazing than I thought it would be.  I kept on going back to look at it again.

I did not see poor service in Egypt resulting from the crash in tourism since 2011 that you alluded to.  The country should very much be back on the map for people to visit.  The fact that they are not right now, was good for us because things are not that busy.  I hope that the tourists go back soon.  They are not deserted but are just not busy. Many side stalls are closed on the exit to some temples . . .    highly recommend the tour.  I wouldn’t want to do anything different. Great organisation.

Nigel Forshaw, Cape Town, September 2017




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